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UTPSSL designs and provides security solutions in collaboration with potential clients by studying the procedures, processes and business practices of clients. This is to enable UTPSSL make suggestions and recommendations where necessary, for effective guard service provision among others.



The company conducts investigations into security breaches, liaises with State Security/Intelligence agencies where necessary on behalf of clients.



UTPSSL is capable of installing and putting all cameras on a single platform in a control room that is capable of monitoring events across relevant locations.  


The CCTV system is manned by operation officers who have been trained by TAVCOM (from the UK). We are also capable of installing panic alarm systems, facial recognition software, museum searches and intruder alarm systems.

The following are key to our operations:
  1. Provision of Excellent Services- Beyond expectation.
  2. Strong Management Team and Credibility.
  3. Our guards are treated with dignity, respect and motivated to work to reduce staff turnover to the barest minimum.
  4. Our guards undergo intensive military and intelligence training and therefore have the requisite skills and knowledge for efficient security service delivery. 
  5. Management of UTPSSL regularly undertake unannounced visits to check on security guards’ duty performance (Random Spot Checks).
  6. UTPSSL shall give regular security awareness training to Management and staff of your company.
  7. We are able to liaise with other security and intelligence agencies
  8. All security guards have been trained on customer service and that is one of our strong holds.
  9. Security guards are changed regularly to avoid collusion and fraternization.  
  10. Ability to lever on the strong UT Brand and resources of UT Group to access financing amongst others